Of Hamburg and Summer

Hallo mein lieblings!

I know I’ve been quite absent for over two weeks, and therefore have many updates. I want to start by telling you about my trip to Hamburg to visit my lovely boyfriend 🙂

Oh Hamburg, Hamburg, I just love you! If you haven’t been to Hamburg, you should know that this is the stuff fairy tales are made of. beautiful enchanted like forests with endless miles of tall robust and thin trees. The houses are the kind of houses one sees oneself raising a family in, with cute little gardens and tall rooftops…simply beautiful…A great bonus is every time I go, I come back to London with a tiny bit more expanded German vocabulary. AH! I can’t wait to move there some day.

I went for Steffen’s graduation and I admit having a few teary eyed moments he doesn’t know about, and I will list them in order of relevance for me:

1. Getting to know his entire family this time was priceless and I feel honoured to be somehow a part of this tiny circle of people, even if it is by proxy 🙂

2. Watching him hold an Impromptu speech for an entire hall full of people and managing to make everyone laugh and portray such a high level of confidence. Now, I will admit that I did not get a WORD he was saying cause it was all in Deutsch, however, just watching him do it so well and see people enjoy quite a lot a speech which he had not prepared made me the proudest girl in the room.

3. when he danced the waltz with his mum and grandma, I already think the waltz is so elegant and graceful, seeing my babe dancing it so well and with the two other women in his life was quite emotional for me.

It was such a short but sweet stay with him, I can’t wait to have my second and expanded version of that visit this August for his birthday! Hopefully I can save up enough this summer so that I can afford a trip for both of us somewhere 🙂 hey, one can only dream!

I should probably mention that while I write this I’m in the air…literally in the air, over the Atlantic Ocean on my way to visit my family for a month in my first home. It’s been a year since I last saw them. A highly eventful year , so it doesn’t feel like its that long anyways.

The past few months were so crappy that I only have the illusion and hope that this summer will magically fix everything. Im declaring it now, This shall be a summer filled with happy and positively amazing events and miracles.

Oh and I’ve attached some photos as well 🙂








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