It all now seems like a beautiful dream, what reminds me of its reality is the poignant pain that comes with the memories. His touch and the smell of his jumpers, the way he looked at me when I wasn’t looking, the many laughs and the moments of support in the midst of despair. That all belongs to the past now and in a way, that’s okay, because it happened. I learnt how real love feels like and I learnt how quickly it can escape from your life, especially when it is simply out of your hands. I learnt that this was life’s way of waking me up- through a huge shake up! I was dormant and I needed to start actively following my dreams, because nothing is eternal, now is my time. I will always be so grateful for the adventures we shared, adventures, which I know one day I’ll look back without the glossy filter that now covers my eyes. I will look back at them and see them as beautiful as they really were. God, did I love you. Like a soldier, I gave myself to the cause. For now, I will wrap my heart in cellophane, bare it open, let it experience the pain, raw and naked…I have never been one to hide how she feels and how she experiences life, because in the end, it has always been beneficial, one way or another. In the end, all I can say is that, it lasted longer than any of us expected and shorter than we hoped, and one day that will be okay, as well.


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