I always liked that Rihanna and Eminem song that repeatedly says ‘I’m friends with the monster that’s under my bed’, I always thought it was a peculiar way of wording dealing with issues of all kinds. I am no beginner to having ‘monsters’ follow me, however, I recently learnt how to make friends with them. When I was younger, I used to be scared of walking down the halls of my big house alone at night- I always felt there were some other-worldly beings following me, but with time I started finding myself less and less bothered by the idea of walking alone at night around these halls, I now know scarier monsters and I carry them with me wherever I go, day or night, in or outside the house.

You see, these monsters of mine, barely ever go away, I’ve had small and really big ones, some of them have been the scariest and most hurtful ones- to the point they make it almost impossible for me to sleep or eat properly, but they say that humans can adapt to anything, and so I have. Some days are good days and I can shake them off for hours, but I know they’ll come back to creep in on me when I am heading home and although just a few weeks ago that notion was horrible for me, I am now used to it…it has become normal.

Some of the monsters that once used to be scary have now been replaced by others, more colourful and perhaps with a sharper bite, but the beauty of constantly dealing with them is that you learn which ones are worth ignoring and which ones are worth fighting. Now my monsters know how much of a worthy opponent I am and they can never break me down again, because by now I learnt that the trick is that they can only hurt you as much and as deeply as you allow them. Although my monsters are still around waiting for me to fall prey to them again, I have made a truce with them, because I know they’re not going anywhere for now and so every night they go back under the bed and I rest knowing that tomorrow holds another battle with them, but that I will probably kick their butts anyway, because thanks to them I am THAT much stronger.

So, thank you friends.





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