…and when you least expect it

Hi everyone,

I know things have been kind of grim around here for a bit now, I promise I tried to keep it the least depressing I could haha, but now I am back with exciting news 🙂 I know I didn’t mention that I had moved back home in January, I had a lot going on and had a hard time letting go and accepting that I had left that part of my life behind…at least for now. I feel like I was running around in circles, searching for a clear path- a path of my own, but no matter how hard I tried to clear my head and put my priorities into perspective, I just couldn’t…I was another graduate without a clue about what to do with their new shiny career.

At the beginning of February I came across a big ‘wave’ that shook up my entire being…I found myself without the person whom I had called my best friend and love for almost three years. I got terrified and kept thinking to myself ‘now I’m really alone. Now, I really don’t have anything’. It took me a while to flip those thoughts into positive ones, and in all honesty- I still struggle at times. However, I started thinking ‘now that you’ve hit ‘rock bottom’ you can only go up and build the life you’ve always wanted’ and so, I wake up everyday thinking that to myself, whenever a negative thought tries to bring me down, I say ‘you got this’ and I do, I am surprisingly stronger than I thought.

Eventually, these positive thoughts became action and I sent my CV to an NGO/ Social Enterprise, searching for a job that I could only describe as my dream job, I had no idea whether they had any vacancies or were even interested in hiring, however, what did I have to lose now? Only the fears pulling me back. Just a couple of days later I got called for a meeting and just yesterday they offered me a sweet deal and the opportunity to develop myself further within my own field! I mean, how many people can say they’re getting paid for doing what they love?! Well now I am one of the blessed ones 🙂

Although my life has COMPLETELY changed in a matter of just two months, I can honestly say that just like Olivia Pope ‘I am now standing in the sun’ and pushing myself so that I can become my own hero, a person I can admire, someone who makes a change, which was the initial goal all those years ago. In the meanwhile, I know other waves will come, and the idea is not to become a harsh, cold person, but to embrace the hurt and get through it, always knowing that ‘you got this’.

Keep loving as hard as you can,



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