First Day

Today was a good day. I learnt a lot of things about my new job but especially about myself. I learnt that even though now just happens to be the perfect moment in time for me to take on such big responsibilities, I have always had the potential to do all that I’m doing and am about to do- I just lacked the self confidence to see it and feel it. It feels good knowing you did not waste four years getting a bachelor of arts in a business school, also that you have pretty kickass ideas and can be kind of your own boss at a new job. Only problem is that out of all the ‘good lucks’ and ‘omg, I’m so proud and happy for you’, I still only missed one…I don’t know, maybe I’ll stop even noticing with time? That thought is weird. Anyway, I’ll leave you awesome people with one of my favourite Coldplay songs ever, it turned 15 years old last week and it always makes me feel things I wasn’t even aware I needed to feel.

Don’t shiver guys,



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