You Live and You Learn

Hallo everyone 🙂 I know I haven’t written much this week, but if you read my last two posts, you will know I just started a new job and it is really demanding. As I haven’t had much time to analyse life and the depths of my mind lately, I thought I’d just write about things I’ve learnt during my first week at work.

1. I missed coffee- I didn’t remember how hooked I was on coffee back in London, until I started getting coffee delivered to my office every morning and every afternoon…also, it is Dominican coffee, which makes it extra delicious.

2. I now remember how much I love the pressure of work- Some people may get scared or overwhelmed when they are under a lot of pressure or when they have too much to do- well, I’ve learnt with time, that I thrive under pressure.

3. I am more into Social Entrepreneurship than I ever thought I was- So, thanks again life, for sending me to a business school to get my International Relations degree.

4. Being so independent at work sometimes scares me a bit- I think this is a ‘first job syndrome’ thing though…everyone likes a little feedback on how they’re doing, on the other hand, my boss seems to trust a lot in the quality of my work, so that’s appreciated.

5. Man, I love my job- it might get crazy sometimes with all the information I must learn and handle, but it feels like a challenge I am more than happy and ready to take on.

6. Mindfulness now makes more sense than ever!- A little meditation/ relaxation time in between a couple of hours helps clear the mind and actually makes me see things I was probably missing.

7. I feel like a BAWSS! – not a mean, bossy person, but someone who’s opinions and ideas are respected and valued by my ‘superiors’ and peers, but most importantly by me, I am finally giving my voice the value it deserves.

8. Sometimes life takes unexpected turns, but you have to flow with the wave and trust where the ride will take you…as I said on my 23rd birthday (and I hate quoting myself, but cool) ‘adventure knocks on your door when you need it most’. So, if you’re going through some kind of challenge or ‘wave’, give it time, reflect upon whether it is worth fighting or whether it’s just best to give in and see where you end up.

Anyway, I wish you all a brilliant week, filled with work you love, laughs and funny vines,

World hold on,



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