Moody Rant

I don’t get life today.That’s fine though…no one ever said life would make sense. So you get out of bed even though you’re sick, put on a smile, dress up, put some lipstick on, have some coffee and start your day like it’s nobody’s business but yours- cause it is only your business. You can’t choose what will happen during the day, but you can certainly choose whether you will react or respond to these events. I am not feeling particularly cheery today and I acknowledge it and you know what? whatever. You can’t be positive 100% of the time, we’re not supposed to go round being little balls of energy and never-ending light, what we can be is aware of the fact that we can turn the bad mood around anytime we want, just like we can switch off the loud negative thoughts with just one smile or allowing ourselves to enjoy little things (like the self made Chai Tea Latte I’m about to sip into). SO WHAT if things turn out differently than you expect everyday? It is life, and I much rather go through trials and challenges that build me up than you know- being dead. So no you guys who have asked me how I am this strong, or how I manage to be positive when things get tough…I am not always positive and I am not always strong, I am perfectly imperfect and human. I have just decided that I am 23, I’m healthy (kind of), I’ve accomplished things that most people can only dream of, I have amazing, supportive and loving friends and family- That’s all gotta count for something, doesn’t it? That outweighs any shitty trial thrown your way. If you’re feeling much like me today, feeling like life is just a shitload of wtf’s thrown your way…that’s cool- it just means you’re ALIVE!

Now, go live your life,



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