Here we Go Again


I now believe that it is extremely important to not only think positive thoughts but to express these thoughts and act accordingly! Do you have something good to declare for this week? think it, wish it, write it, whisper it, say it, YELL it to the universe! Throw it out there and just watch what it sends you in return 🙂

So here it goes:

Okay Monday, I’m all over you! Hey Universe: I’m gonna own this week…make it mine! No maybes- this is happening! I’m gonna be the most productive I can be, break down barriers, smile even when I feel like it’s a stretch, my only tears will be happy tears and I will rediscover tons of music I once loved. I will be a ray of sunshine to those who surround me and my purpose is to leave everyone who approaches me feeling better than they did before they approached me. I will love, I will be happy, most importantly, I will keep learning about how awesome I am and how I have wasted so much time not believing it!

Have an amazing week lovely humans,



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