1 Birthday, 2 Funerals, 1 Accident, 1 Almost Accident

What can I say? It wasn’t the week I was hoping for last weekend and it certainly wasn’t the week I was asking the universe for. It was a bittersweet week, there were happy moments just as there were even sadder ones. However, after all, I’m still here telling you about it, so I obviously made it out alive. I could’ve done without the funerals, but that, my friends, is life and if this year has taught me anything so far, it is that whenever I think ‘things are not going according to plan’, someone out there is laughing because, things ARE going according to plan- just not mine. I feel kind of discouraged to make a big statement about how this week is going to rock too, it might, it might not, but as long as I make it out alive, then it will be fine, because it means I still have time…so, this is just another week, another opportunity to do the right things, to laugh uncontrollably, to cry if I feel like it, to drink good wine, to go on my much loved midnight walks, to re-discover music I love and to do meaningful work. In the end, I think I will take all the sadness from this week and learn from it and I will think dearly of the happy moments and access them when it gets too heavy and just be grateful one of the accidents was an almost accident and the other one didn’t end up being fatal.

Forgive my messy rant,


PS: I still got so much love for you all, I do wish you happy weeks.


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