Je Ne Regrette Rien

Lately, there’s been a recurring question around my close and extended friend circle: ‘Would you have _________ if you knew, this or that would have happened?’ I honestly think it is a hilarious question and I have come to the conclusion that it must be age related. We are all at a stage in which we are learning tough lessons and those tough lessons are usually taught through mistakes, but fear not my confused friends, Tolkien once said ‘not all who wander are lost’ and we must truly abide by this ‘rule’. To make things worse, apart from being confused or feeling lost, society has also taught us that we must somehow regret anything that makes us feel bad (even if it once brought us immense joy)- if it’s over, you must just pretend like it never even mattered, toss it in the bin and move on convincing yourself it was a mistake in the first place. This is a LIE! hahah, you do not have to convince yourself things were mistakes in order to move on from a situation or a person or even a job. You are allowed to admit that you were happy and that you loved x or y…trust me, there’s no use in denying those feelings because it only forces you to unvalidate your own experiences and that, THAT becomes a huge issue in the future. It will creep in on you when you least expect it- seriously, you’ll be eating froyo or something and suddenly, you’ll start questioning your own existence, like you’re on The Truman Show– okay, maybe I’m blowing it out of proportion, but it will feel awful.

I am by no means saying that nothing is a mistake, cause I have made mistakes and I have regretted them (I am only human), but I have also learnt from them and I have moved on, making sure I don’t make them again. However, what I am against is, creating the illusion that everything that sucks momentarily is something we should regret in order to make ourselves feel better. Living life without regrets feels so much lighter, you guys! I don’t know about you but, I think it is way more kickass to say ‘I lived, I loved, I did things that made me happy and I also hurt, but I did it all’ than saying ‘I made so MANY mistakes’ haha. Let’s be more honest with ourselves and others, it opens the doors to so many wonderful possibilities, like love and happiness and other doors which, we thought were already closed.

Remember, we are not lost, we’re wandering,



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