Forgiving is Part of Living

I don’t ever wish anyone harm or pain. If they hurt me, I never wish to hurt them back- I just wish they hadn’t hurt me in the first place. But, you can’t change the past and you certainly can’t (or shouldn’t) make other people’s decisions, you can only act now and it is up to you whether you will let resentment and attachment to past wounds, ruin your present and future. Remember, forgiveness is not something you do for those who hurt you, but something you do because you don’t deserve to live with the bitter taste of resentment. It certainly is not the funnest or easiest to do, but once we remember the fact that others have had to forgive us too, we also acknowledge our own mortality and flaws and feel grateful about the fact that others were merciful towards us.

Something that usually helps as well, is to remember that I’m not aiming towards perfection, but towards excellence and in my book, excellent human beings are kind and caring and empathetic and all those are traits of people who forgive…or is it the other way round?

Wink wink,



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