I know that to some of you it must look counter productive that I’m complaining about having too much to do and still running to my little blog and ranting about it, however, running to my blog is the best way I can let go of some of the stress. My blog has been a true friend to me- it has let me blow off some steam when I think I’m about to crack, it has allowed me to ‘cry’ through my words, it has motivated me to look at things from different perspectives when I have felt stuck on one. It has been there for me 24/7, even if I sometimes neglect it. It is my shelter, my safe place, where everything I say goes and is valid and makes sense. It is the safest place, where I am allowed to be completely honest.

Isn’t it strange how communicating through a blog with hundreds or perhaps thousands of strangers, feels so comforting and safe? Shouldn’t I want to do the same with those closest to me? Don’t get me wrong, I do communicate with them, but sometimes I feel like I will only make them get tired of listening about my woes or even my happy days. The only way of effectively getting my thoughts and feelings across, is through written word, somewhere where I feel there’s no space for judging or someone at the other end expecting something from me.

Here, I get to let it all out and not tire anyone, here, no one has to pretend to look like they’re interested in what I have to say, here, no one sounds disappointed by what I say.

Here, I am anonymous.

Here, I am free.



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