Decisions Decisions

Hey y’all,

I’ve been encountered with a huge decision the past couple of days…it could be something that could alter my life forever. I have been talking with a friend and becoming informed as to what the risks may be, however, the possibility excites me. I can’t say exactly what it is on the web yet because I don’t want to jinx whatever possibilities I might have of actually making a decision or going through with the procedure.

I just thought I’d throw my pondering out into the universe and see what happens.

Pros: Life altering, I’d get healthy, regain self confidence, take control over something, gain healthy lifestyle, beat what torments me.

Cons: ¬†costly, risky, drastic, life altering, high level of commitment, disciplined actions, I’d never see my salary, so I can’t save up.

I don’t know, people, what to do?!

Universe, help me out,



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