The Bank Holiday Guide for Beginners

Yesterday we had a much needed bank holiday. I would love to say ‘I had a productive day during which I also took time to get in touch with myself and came out wiser’, but alas that would be BS 🙂 haha. I woke up at 7 am thinking it was a regular 8-5pm day, then when I realised it wasn’t, I slept two more hours, then woke up again and made some quick brekkie to have along with my cartoons (Yes, ‘As Told by Ginger’ is still a regular in my life). After repeating this sleeping and waking up sequence a couple more times, I decided it was time to do something productive- so I had a salad and got an amazingly relaxing massage and then went back to my room to watch my all time lazy day favourite movie ‘Juno’ . 

Now, you must be wondering why I’m sharing the details of my couch potato day with y’all, the reason is simple, today I woke up on working mode and so did my brain, and my brain processed yesterday’s actions and sent me a memo telling me : ‘You NEEDED a day like yesterday’, because yesterday, no fucks were given. I did exactly what I wanted, when I wanted and had no regrets. I handed in my big deadline of 25 pages just in time, have a good progress on my next deadline, already had my doctor’s appointment and I reached an informed decision (look at previous post). I’m excited, for the first time in forever, the prospect of something and many things excites me.

I’m excited, scared, but ready for whatever is heading my way from now on- you know, thick skin and elastic heart and all that. I’m still battling my urge to control every little factor in my life, but I’m learning steady and slow, but still learning, that I have no control whatsoever and sometimes that is more exciting than it is frightening.

Fighting and striding on,



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