Business it is Afterall…

Two weeks ago, I was put in charge of preparing and delivering a presentation about the organisation I work for, but this wasn’t your regular casual presentation- it was for none the less than one of the world’s most renowned Multinationals- and here I was, tiny Maria, fresh out of college, preparing to talk to CEO’s and Presidents from all over the continent, about an organisation I just started working for. My God, what did I get into?

Much to my surprise, I managed to hand in the big deadline I wrote about the past few weeks and have this presentation ready for today. So, I woke up early, put on my heels and a nice dress and got picked up by the multinational’s car service and off I went along with a health professional and a business administrator (both, very experienced, admirable ladies) and my rather short experience in the business world.

When I first arrived, I was greeted by a tall man, sharply dressed in an expensive suit and tie, with a ‘buen dia Licenciada Julian’, (title one gets when one has successfully culminated a career and obtained a degree, eg: doctor, engineer, etc.) I think it’s needless to say I was freaking out as I was guided into a small conference room packed with business people dressed in their best attires, shaking my hand with confidence and holding a strong eye game. At first I thought, ‘what am I doing here? I wear ripped jeans to work for Pete’s sake!’, but as soon as we started talking and presenting our organisation and our work, the environment felt a bit more relaxed- I finally realised, I knew what I was talking about, I had done a good job and I had this in the bag. I pulled out all my fancy spanish words and maintained eye contact and before I knew it, I was even making funny comments and they were actually smirking, laughing and nodding.

The whole ordeal lasted like 45 mins and then we got an invitation to have lunch with them, -amazing mexican food, by the way- worked my shiny Networking skills acquired from 4 years of a Business School environment and in the blink of an eye, it was strong eye game, fancy business cards exchanging and shaking hands again. I felt like a bawss, dang it.

Then I realised, that no matter how afraid I was of entering the scary, straight faced, business world once upon a time, I was now craving the thrill of smart, business, matter of fact, with an edge, kind of conversations…maybe the fear was all about my lack of confidence in myself, my skills and my knowledge. Every day that passes, the more I find myself leaning towards business related Master’s degrees- Don’t get me wrong I still want to do good deeds and I love social work, but maybe more so through business…it looks like Hult finally got into my head!

Excited about discovering this new *or hidden* side of me,

-Licenciada Maria Julian



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