Musical Monday #2

This one I connected with immediately.

It brought me memories of really special times during my time abroad but I didn’t feel sad about it, I felt okay, like I feel about many things now a day. It made me think that , yes, those moments were special and fun and amazing, but I’m going through an amazing part of my life right now, as well. I’m facing that dreaded change right in the face and I’m not running from it or hiding or crying and feeling miserable about it, I’m making strides and embracing it little by little and adapting to it in the most graceful way I can.

I am not drinking to escape from things or smoking to calm my anxiety…I am dealing and living as lucid as I can. I am smiling, hugging, laughing, working, making plans and taking action, and all of that, I am doing the only way I know how to do things- Intensely.

In no time I’ll witness the much awaited results of my efforts, will continue with my new plans and life will go on as it always does and I’ll only be stronger, cause that’s how it works.

So, I guess all I’m trying to say is, memories are great, especially when you look back at them kindly and with your heart open…they’re little souvenirs to remind you of how amazing life can be over and over again.

Enjoy my newest Spotify find! 🙂

Loving intensely,

-M ❤


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