Cautionary Tales

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I remember how when I started gaining weight, my whole family started freaking out and saying I needed to get back in shape. At first I thought ‘wow, what a bunch of dictators living in a superficial world’, still they claimed it was because of all the weight related issues my family is prone to…turns out they were right. Just a few days ago I got my blood tests results back from the lab. Out of 43 different tests, what alarmed me the most was my insuline levels, which were triple the level they should have been in the first place (which would be less worrying if dad hadn’t been recently diagnosed with early stage diabetes). When I checked my stomach, I had a hernia and gastritis- again. Needless to say, the hernia will be taken care of very soon.

I guess what I got from all this was a deep sense of questioning myself and my habits. What was the point of drinking myself into a stupor or smoking a whole pack in one party night? Was it all worth it? Was over-eating or killing myself with stress and anxiety worth my health? Nah. Sure, I still believe in the relaxing power of social drinks and occasional ciggie, but not the extremes I was getting used to.

I’m more committed than ever to getting back in shape and leading a healthier, more active life (I’m sure I can find some physical activities I like) hahah ❤


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