I’m Back :)

I thought it was about time I wrote about my surgery experience and also to apologise for being so absent for the past few weeks. Truth is, I needed a break from absolutely everything, since I was and still am going through a challenging and painful transition.

20lbs and 2 weeks later, I am feeling more energetic and positive than ever about having made such a drastic decision…after all, it wasn’t about vanity (I couldn’t get it if it was just for vanity anyway haha), it was about my health and my desire to become myself again, to re-gain the energy I used to have, to feel as healthy as I used to when I was younger, to get back the taste for adventure that was slowly fading away from my life. It’s funny but I am starting to feel like a new/old me again and it’s fantastic.

I would go into the details of my surgery and my experience, but I rather keep it as the personal story it is, it was a truly painful and emotional two weeks of recovery, where I discovered a lot about myself, my capacity to push my limits and come out on the other side, feeling even better. I feel hopeful about new beginnings and my next adventures all over again.

Also, I think you will like these news, in the upcoming month, I will be doing one new thing every weekend and I will be writing about it! These are things that I never thought I’d be into but went out and did them anyway. I think that is the perfect exercise to keep living a happy life and to become more courageous, so I can finally take on the biggest challenge waiting ahead of me: moving back to Europe…or Seattle (why Seattle? I have no idea, but I’ve always romanticised the idea of living there).

Sooo, you’re all welcome to read about my new adventures, the struggle of finding good MA’s, saving up while trying to do fun things and finally finding out what decision I end up making.

Light and fun,



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