Just Let it Be

There’s a voice inside of me that constantly asks: ‘why are you still going?’ ‘who cares?’ ‘You’re all alone’ – it is consistent and persistent, but I just can’t let it win…I’ve got too much to fight for to let that dark side of me simply win.

I’ve come a long way now and if I’ve learnt anything useful along the way, it is that everything always works out for the best, even if it doesn’t seem like that for a very long while. Nothing is permanent. Nothing is forever. This too shall pass.

Everything will fall into place when it is meant to.

There is no fear or doubt that I shall be free.

I shall see all my dreams come true, like they always have in the past…I shall even see dreams I never thought of, come true.

‘And every little thing is gonna be alright’…



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