Musical Monday #9

Yup, this weekend was not the chill one I hoped for. It was crazy and feck, am I tired…HOWEVER, here they are- my adventures of the weekend.

  1. Finally got to carry my beautiful baby niece in my arms. I am soooo taken with this baby, she is perfect and happy and healthy and loved and that is more than any of us could have asked for.
BabyVic <3
BabyVic ❤

2. Got to go to a town I’d never been in before! It’s a little town in the middle of green tall mountains and pines- I almost forgot I was in the Caribbean for a second.


3. Got to celebrate a friend’s birthday on a 3 night party streak- now, this is not something new, however it is something I hadn’t done in YEARS. So tired but so worth it hahah.


4. Also, NEW MAKEUP AND SMALLER CLOTHES ❤ This one’s particularly exciting because of my weight loss process. I hadn’t been able to wear size ‘medium’ for years now.


5. FINALLY could have sunday brunch with my best friends in the world- my sisters!


I was thinking that because I’ve been doing at least ONE thing everyday that makes me happy, one thing that is just for me (call it selfish, but it is the only thing keeping me sane and giving me hope and I honestly dgaf), the lyrics to this song fit perfectly with my state of mind lately.

So here it is- old but relevant…

I’m gonna live like tomorrow doesn’t exist,



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