Full Moon, New Beginnings


I’ve had a thing for full moons since the summer of my sixteenth birthday, when someone explained to me the magic behind a full moon and the power it had to upset a bit the balance of things…apparently, it makes you freer- in my mind this always looked like a scene from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream- and it’s fantastic.

Those of you who have followed me for a while now, know about my struggle with change and how I was so afraid of it, to me, change entailed all negative meanings…now, not so much. I actually BEGGED the supermoon for some more change in my life! It was an amazing sort of little ceremony with two of my (newest, yet rapidly becoming dearest) friends. We had dinner under the moonlight and watched the whole eclipse by the pool and in a moment of silence, I felt that our intentions were strangely deeply connected. I think we all wanted new things to start happening.

I’ve been ready for quite a while, but under that SUPER RED FULL moon, I sent all my wishes out to the universe and I can now feel how I’m on the very verge of something amazing happening…Just today I had a very clear sign of the power of good intentions and actions!

Thank you moon, thank you universe for the new blessings coming into my life.

It’s going down for real,



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