Let me BE

Having one of those days in which you KNOW you’re part of the world and you’re surrounded by people, but you FEEL like you’re the only person on Earth and it’s okay…you crave the silence, the conversations you have with yourself in your head are significantly more interesting than the ones you could have with the outside world today anyway.

I’m in my office, with my grey hoody on, an oversized cup of black coffee and headphones on. I walk silently down the halls so I can go unnoticed, I make myself tinier behind my computer and all of that just because I strongly feel the urge to just BE today, to be alone, to feel alone, to not talk non sense, to be quiet and still…

We really need mental health days off…like ASAP.

I could be working so much better from home today.

My need for solitude salutes yours.



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