Ian Stewart

Hi love,

I thought it was about time I wrote about you.

Ian, there’s so much I could say about how incredible it is that you are in my life. I love getting lost in my thoughts remembering how odd it was that we met that night after near misses and living just around the corner from each other for two years. How could I have missed you so many times?

Now that I have you in my life, the answer is beyond clear to me- I just wasn’t ready. I needed to heal, to find myself again, I needed to learn to love and forgive myself in order to fully grasp and ENJOY what was coming my way all along.

You can’t imagine the times I cried thinking I would never heal or feared that I wouldn’t love that way again. Truth is, I don’t love as I did before, and I’m glad. I love differently, my love for you comes from a place inside me that knows no fear, a part of me that craves for you to get to know the absolute real me. I don’t just think of what I can get from this relationship, I think of what I can do to make you happier.

Feeling so loved by you makes me want to be the greatest version of me, it makes me want to give back, to make others who are or have been where I was just two years ago, see that there is so much love out there and that you can never run out of love. Thanks, my love, for being.

To the other half of my team,



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