New Beginnings

HI! I’m back, complying with my self-made promise to write at least once a week. Boy, do I have amazing things happening in my life right now!

I finally mustered up the courage to quit my job and follow a new path. Despite of being extremely miserable lately about feeling stuck in a rut, not feeling satisfied or challenged enough, I must say I am grateful I’ve gone through a LOT the past two years working here. I grew a thicker skin, obtained tons of skills I never thought I’d need or wanted, learnt to thrive in less than ideal environments and most importantly, to be patient with myself and trusting of the system.

I am now moving on to an incredibly exciting new adventure which I am sure will push me to become an even better professional. I will be acquiring new knowledge while having fun, I will be challenged and will learn to trust my gut and myself a lot more. I have a ‘fancy’ new title, opportunity and room for growth and HAPPINESS.

I am beyond grateful for my support system- my incredible family, friends, partner and ally- who have encouraged me to be brave and take this leap of faith into the unknown. Their positivity and energy have made me want to step out of my comfort zone and be all that I can be. I have to admit I am a little nervous about this new step, but there have been so many signs that tell me that it will all be just fine.

How absolutely wonderful and random can this life be?

You guys, if you feel like you’re lost, stuck in a hopeless situation or like you have no idea how your life could get any better…just hold on. I know it sounds like such a clichĂ©, but it has been an absolute truth in my life, that once I think there’s no way out, cause all of the doors are closed…somehow magically someone bulldozes a HUGE hole in the roof and that’s how I get out and it is absolutely amazing every. Single. Time.

HOLD on, it will happen.





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