I’ve had to change everything. The way I look at things, the way I beat myself down for every little mistake, my morning rituals, the way I communicate with those around me, the way I try to deal with obstacles…and it’s been HARD FUCKIN WORK, let me tell ya. I haven’t got down at all, but I can promise you I am working harder than ever to become better and better every day. That means as a human, a friend, a writer, an employee, a business owner, a lover.

THIS is why, I’ve changed ‘The Insomnia Sessions’, it no longer represented me. It did, for a long time, a dark period, but not anymore. I’ve found out lately that my resilience really has evolved even beyond what I thought and, I no longer have ‘midnight thoughts’, as much as I have ‘how can I become better at this?’ or ‘how can I solve this problem?’ thoughts. I know rock blue hair and actually dare speak what’s on my mind. I am happier and you might think of this as selfish, but I choose who I surround myself with more carefully, because, trust me friends, who you spend your time with, has a big influence on how you feel.

I’m on a creative, inspirational whirlwind and even though it’s difficult and most nights I feel mentally and emotionally exhausted, I don’t go to bed until I feel I have done something to change my situation.

You’ll be seeing way more of me now,



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