Soul Prompt

Today, I’m taking a slightly different approach to writing posts. This time I chose to run a quick ‘soul prompt’ taken from one of the many magical pages of Danielle Laporte’s Desire Map Planner (Weekly Edition).

This week I’ve learnt:

  • That there is strength in accepting your weaknesses.
  • That I had been wasting time because I was unmotivated and unhappy and maybe vice versa?
  • That in life, you just really need ONE person to listen to you. One person makes all the difference.

I’ve been feeling quite frustrated and ‘defeated’ in the course of transitioning from my old 9-5 work…and life, really, to this free, ‘Im empowered enough to choose what I do today’ kind of life. Funny, huh? It’s not the freedom that scares me though, it’s the fear of failing, of having left my safe zone and risk it all to enter an industry I had no clue about (except for my aimless hours creating pretty wedding Pinterest boards). I did get into this with a faint idea that it would be difficult, but never this much. It is a lot of work. I went from binge watching Netflix shows, to using every chance I have throughout the day to educate myself- entrepreneurship podcasts, Jenna Kutcher modules, reading about becoming a decent Instagram caption writer and in my little free time before falling asleep, I read ‘The Four Hour Work-Week’ by the brilliant Timothy Ferriss  in an attempt to wrap my mind around the lifestyle I’m trying to achieve, which is one in which my work has purpose, I work smarter and not harder and I have freedom of mobility, and obviously the capital to do so.

What’s the small stuff I have noticed that I truly LOVE paying attention to?

  • The way the afternoon breeze hits my face (hadn’t payed attention to that in years).
  • The smell of morning coffee brewed by my ever so innovative, Ian (his coffee machine is broken, yet he always manages to get the job done- one way or another).
  • The way Ian knows exactly what kind of hug I need and exactly when to provide it.
  • The way habits I disliked are slowly changing and I’m becoming more productive.


What do I need to STOP doing? (freedom is your birthright!)  

  • Apologising for being who I am.
  • Getting frustrated over getting frustrated (hallo, ich bin human, too).
  • Paying any attention to negative thoughts.

What I want to CHANGE (Naming it is liberating)

  • Drink less alcohol.
  • I want to prioritise myself and my projects more.
  • I want to learn to TRUST and Let GO.
  • Drink more water.
  • Learn more German.

What am I GRATEFUL for?

  • Awareness.
  • The opportunity to learn a new trait.
  • 5 months of bliss with Sasquito.
  • New friends

I promise you that if you run a soul prompt every morning and night, you will notice how aware you become of what’s important and necessary for you to focus on at the moment, and what is complete mental rubbish. I know you might think I’m going hippie on you, but honestly, I’m just working on my happiness and trying to spread this awareness with you, because why not also share the good things?

Write you soon,




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