Soul Prompt

Today, I’m taking a slightly different approach to writing posts. This time I chose to run a quick ‘soul prompt’ taken from one of the many magical pages of Danielle Laporte’s Desire Map Planner (Weekly Edition). This week I’ve learnt: That there is strength in accepting your weaknesses. That I had been wasting time because […]


I’ve had to change everything. The way I look at things, the way I beat myself down for every little mistake, my morning rituals, the way I communicate with those around me, the way I try to deal with obstacles…and it’s been HARD FUCKIN WORK, let me tell ya. I haven’t got down at all, […]

New Beginnings

HI! I’m back, complying with my self-made promise to write at least once a week. Boy, do I have amazing things happening in my life right now! I finally mustered up the courage to quit my job and follow a new path. Despite of being extremely miserable lately about feeling stuck in a rut, not […]


‘You can’t love someone back to life’ But oh, the times you tried. I am sorry. I am sorry I am only now apologising, but I didn’t realise until not long ago and it was already pointless to disturb either of our lives with something that has been over for a long time now. I […]


Have you ever had so many floating ideas about what you want to do with your life, yet have absolutely no motivation to start pursuing any of it?- maybe motivation isn’t the word…it is literally mental block and stress that takes over you once you start reading a simple ‘steps’ list. bloody hell. I feel […]

Musical Monday #11

And repeat after me… Good girls go to heaven, And bad girls go everywhere And tonight I will love you And tomorrow you won’t care Precious little diamond I leave it all to you Precious little diamond Let it come to you You’re in love with something bigger than love You believe in something stronger […]